Sunday, January 13, 2008

Taking a deep breath...

Sometimes I think that we allow ourselves to get all worked up over things that can really be quite peaceful. That we can rush things that really can move at a much slower and more comfortable pace.

I was beginning to feel stressed out about needing to get the dossier all done by the time we go in April, but I think that what I have realized is that at this point there is no set way to do things and I just need to let the Lord guide the timing in all of this. We are being diligent. Working hard to get everything done as soon as we can. But NOT at the expense of our family or our sanity. Something we have really prayed about in all of this is that it will be a really peaceful process. Something that we will enjoy, not feel like...thank goodness that is over. It's like a pregnancy, I may not like all the things I have to do and go through, but I need to keep sight of the fact that this too is a miracle, and I don't want to miss out on the beauty of a miracle in my life.

So, we are staying on task, getting things done, and resting in the knowledge that God is absolutely in control of every minute of this. Our sweet little Nathan will be with us before we know it. I truly believe this. And I'm going to enjoy every moment of this experience. I mean, seriously, I get to have a baby without putting a single pound on or having to go through labor...God is truly good!