Saturday, April 12, 2008


I wish I was organized. I know that deep down I am. That I can be. There are times when I am hyper organized. But it takes so much to get me there. My house is a constant frustration for me. There isn't a single room that I feel really satisfied with yet. The mantle in the family room needs to be done, the kitchen still needs more organization, the older girls' room...I'm totally stuck with what to do there, and I'm not even willing to think about our room yet. I'm just not great at spending money and it can be tough to get a house together when you aren't. I just still don't feel settled and we have lived here almost three years. And don't even get me going on our carpet and lawn...ugh. Well, at least the house is painted and I like how my bookshelves look.

We're starting to pack now and get our stuff ready for a garage sale. This simply means that we have more stuff out everywhere. Hopefully at the end of this I'll have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff and can start to pull things together. Hopefully...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

Well, I'm really due for an update. It's been almost two months, but it just seems as though we have had so much going on that it has been tough for me to get in here and do this. But it's time, so here goes...

Well, this past month was our birthday extravaganza. I can't believe my babies are getting so big. Adele turned four, Lucy turned one, and Elise is now three. We really had a great time celebrating everyone's birthday. Finding something special to do for each one of them and then having their group party for extended family. It's just special. I'm really beginning to realize how important birthdays are to me as a mom. It just floods me with memories and gets me all teary as I look at these amazing little people with such love, such pride, and an amazing amount of humility...I'm just so aware of the fact that I did nothing to deserve being the mother of these little girls. The responsibility of what God has given me is truly incredible and I really try to remember that every day. Thanks God for these little gifts...I truly treasure them.

Something that I maybe didn't expect during this time though was how much celebrating the girls would make me ache so much more for Nathan. I just can't stop thinking about him. And something about looking at Lucy makes me ache so much more for him. I watch the older girls play together and then I look at my sweet Lu and I just feel as though her little buddy is missing. I go into the older girls room at night and see them in their bed, often with one girl's hand resting on the other girl's face, and then I go in Lucy's room and all I can think of is how it just feels as though someone is missing. I can't wait to bring Nathan into our family, but more than anything, I can't wait for Lu to have her brother...If only that last paper would come so we can get all this paperwork done. One step closer...

Anyway, so, here are a few pics from the last month or so...

March 8th...This is Adele playing a game at Chuck-E-Cheese. This was defintely a big hit.

March 16th...Lucy enjoying her first cupcake.

March 22nd...The girls at their party. Adele blowing out her candle.

Lucy and her purplicious cupcake (notice the "artwork" on the wall)

and Elise modeling her new stuff.

April 2nd...Elise's first pony ride at our beloved DeAnna Rose Farmstead. (She had to be three and now she is.)