Friday, September 26, 2008

A fall day in Kansas...

Yesterday, Anthony and I (along with some of the kids' grandparents) took the girls to a local farm that has a big pumpkin patch. We discovered this farm last year when Adele went to a birthday party there and just love it. There are animals, places for the kids to play, and a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. We'll go a couple times this fall, I'm sure.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from yesterday...

It dawned on me just now that this was our last family picture before we officially became a family of six!

Some of the swings weren't very high off the ground so I taught the big girls how to stand on the swings and Lu got to go on a big girl swing all by herself!

I love this picture of Elise jumping off the haystacks.

This was the biggest pumpkin we could find, but it's early in the season so I'm sure we'll find a bigger one next time.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun First

One of our favorite firsts for the girls has been their first ice cream cone. Adele and Elise never came up from air when they got theirs. It was always so funny.

Well, Lucy joined the club yesterday with her first little cone. Unlike the others, Lu took her time and seem to enjoy every moment of it. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she went to each one of us when she was done to try and hit us up for some more.

Anyway, so I took pics, lots of are my favorites...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Special Time"

I think that something we have been learning as we have grown our family, is that you really have to make an effort to find one on one time with each kid. It's so important to me to make sure that my kids know how much I value and enjoy them, not just as a group, but as an individual. So, Anthony and I are in the habit of taking turns running errands with just one of the kids so that they can have "special time". But something that is even more rare, especially the more kids we have, is for one of the kids to get both of us to her (or soon his!) self.

Last night, was one of those rare nights where we were able to just pour into one of our kiddos. Elise got to go sleep over at Gigi's house, so we made a special effort to have a nice night with Adele. Lucy was around too, but we let Adele stay up later so that it could be just the three of us.

We cuddled and read on her bed together and then I set up her castle tent "all cozy" for her to sleep in. I even had her have a special snack with me of mom's pistachios (which I am not in the habit of sharing). And you could just tell that she loved every minute of it. She just beamed.

It's going to be hard as our family continues to grow, but its something we just really value. It gives us an opportunity to not only love on them, but even to get to know them a little better. I can't even begin to tell you how much I look forward to more sweet times, like last night, with each of our amazing little kids.

Here's a picture of Adele in her castle...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Six years.

Sunday was Anthony's and my 6th anniversary. Six years. It's hard to believe.

We did the same thing we have done every year to celebrate, ate at the Hereford House. We always get the stuffed mushrooms and we talk about things we remember from over the years, especially those first few months. We talk about our hopes, our's always been a time that we truly cherish. There was one big difference this year though (besides the fact that we had to go out on the 8th instead of the 7th) and that is that this is the first anniversary that we have had when I was neither pregnant, nursing or both! Crazy! Although Anthony made the observation that in some ways I'm very much pregnant right now with Nate's adoption in process, but I think that was his way of saying I'm still an emotional nutcase this year! = )

One of the things we talked about last night is how we feel we our marriage has changed this year. It has been a really good but hard year in so many ways and I think that we have come to a point in our marriage where we are entering a new depth to how close we are. We are getting to know each other better and better, which means three things...One, and most importantly, we are more aware than ever as to how much we truly are in love with one another and are so glad to be going through life together. The second thing is that we've begun to realize that we are learning to live with each other's faults, those things that we have been disappointed in. It's the letting go of certain dreams and embracing what is real. Lastly, we are really seeing how our passions in life have merged, taking us in directions we never would have guessed six years ago. I can't wait to see what the next six years have for us.

And while we've certainly had some growing pains over the years, I think that we are coming into a time of sweetness. I still look at this man with awe. I'm still amazed by the way God has blessed us...of course with our children, but also just in our marriage. We just really love each other. I still think he's really hot and even though my body reflects the three kids we have had together, I know that he feels the same way about me. I can see it in his eyes.

6 years...2 states...3 cities...3 homes...10 jobs (2 were mine)...28 months of pregnancy...3 beautiful girls...31 months of nursing...4 fish...and 1 little boy in Africa that has no idea about the lives he is about to be joined's pretty amazing when you think about it.

I'm a blessed woman. Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school.

Well, so the first day of school has come and gone. Sounds like both of the girls had a really great time from the little tidbits they shared. I'm attaching a few of the pictures that I took of the girls this morning. Gigi (Anthony's mom) had bought them some first day of school clothes and they looked so cute.

Lucy and I also had a sweet morning. She was a little confused about us leaving the big girls and seemed to just want to cuddle with me all morning, but I was okay with that. = )

Anyway, can't believe I already have two in school! Time is going quickly, but I'm enjoying each new stage.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Days

Well, I figured I should get a quick picture update in before Adele and Elise start school in the morning. Summer will officially be over for us.

I'm so excited about having two in school. Elise is so ready to go and it will be fun for me to only have one to take care of for a few weeks. I haven't had just one at home since the day Elise was born...crazy! It will be a sweet time for Lucy and me.

Anyway, so here are a few pictures that I have taken in the last few weeks that capture much of what the summer has been for us. I, of course, realized I really don't have any of Anthony or I to include. Oh, well...I know you all mostly want to see the kiddos anyway.

Adele has been growing up so much. This last week we got her her first bike. She is thrilled! What a big girl she is getting to be. She just blows my mind with the things that she says and does every day. We never did accomplish jumping into the deep end of the pool by herself (with floaties on of course) this summer. But maybe next year!

Elise is so funny. She absolutely LOVES dresses, all day, every day. But she is also my one that is happiest getting dirty. I think she would absolutely be the happiest girl in the world if I let her wear her dress up clothes while digging in the dirt outside.

Adele and Elise have always been close, but it has definitely reached a new level this summer. Don't get me wrong, they fight, a lot, but they are the best of friends and have really taken to playing upstairs in their room together. I've had to make a decision to keep Lucy downstairs with me while they are up there playing, as it seems really important to them to be able to have their room to themselves. I can understand that.

What can I say? This baby is becoming a little girl. She's walking, has a handful of words and is one of the sweetest and fiestiest little girls I know. She is hysterically funny and just keeps us smiling all day long. And the way she favorite part of every day is when she takes a moment to get those little arms around my shoulders. What a sweet baby. She's just really coming into her own...a miracle, that as a mother, I will never tire of watching.