Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nathan Irakoze Dummermuth

Well, it's the little man's turn. In some ways I have a ton I could others, I feel as though we are still getting to know Nate.

Nathan is an incredible little boy. Being able to watch him change the last few months has been such an amazing experience. He's truly thriving. He's put on 4lbs., is taking a few steps, and is into EVERYTHING. He loves his daddy...oh, how he loves him. And is developing a really sweet relationship with Lucy. And by "sweet" I mean that they are giggling and causing trouble together one minute and pushing and screaming at each other the next. Ah, siblings!

So, what is his personality like? I have to be honest, this kid is dramatic. He is the fussiest of all our kids. He cries SO easily. But he is also so happy and so giggly. We get the full spectrum with him. He's loud when he is comfortable and he's not a push over. He gets right in there with the others and makes his presence known!

It's quite an adventure with Nate in tow. I'm so excited to see the kind of man he turns into. To learn more about who he is. He has added so much to our family. Now that I am a ways from the adoption, I find it hard to believe that we went through all of that. He's just one of our kids now.

Anyway, so here are a couple pics of our boy!

Playing with his big sis Adele. She carries him around like a little doll. I can't wait for the day when he can pick her up and carry her around! You know it's coming.

There are moments when I am really struck by the fact that he is so far removed from where he started...only a big God could have dreamt this up.

I love this picture. All my kids. He stands out so much, but in a beautiful sort of way. He adds color and dimension. I just truly feel as though when God looks down on this tub full of babies, He smiles.

So many people comment on his looks to us. He is really a handsome boy...and those eyes...