Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wonderfully Random Pictures

Not much to say right now, but we have taken some cute pics lately, so I thought I would post a few over the next few days. Here's the first batch!

Lucy's beloved bunny had to go. He's been a good bunny, even made it into the family pictures this fall, but he was disgusting, smelly, and borderline dangerous with the beans threatening to spill out. So, we lined a bunch of the girls' stuffed animals up and she made a new selection...puppy won...and once again, the bunny that I painstakingly knit for her for Christmas was left behind.

The line-up...

The winner...

Ok, so this is a bit blurry, but Nate's fish face truly makes me giggle. I just had to include it!

Pictures like this make me wonder what life will be like when these three girls are all in high school together.

Look, he may have been born in Africa, but the kid loves desserts like a Dummermuth!!

This picture alone is why random pictures are fun to share. What a sweet, unscripted morning moment in our house.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Four years ago today...

...our sweet little Elise was born. Oh, how this is the very favorite of all the birth stories in our house!!

If you have been reading along with the other girls' birth stories, I'm sure that you have caught on that my babies are always late. Well, Elise was no exception, although she is my favorite since she was the least late of all...only 7 days. Of course, if you keep in mind the fact that I had only not been pregnant for a about three and a half months prior to my pregnancy with Elise and nursed through six months of my pregnancy, well, I was feeling REALLY overdue by the end with her!!

So, it was April 2nd, 2005, and I was just so sick of being pregnant. It was a beautiful day outside and Anthony and I lived on this little street in Lawrence, KS, that formed a big square, so I decided it was time I try to walk this baby out. So, I walked and walked and walked around that square I don't even know how many times. (Probably less than I think!) Anthony and Adele joined me for a couple of loops and then I just kept walking. It was a Saturday and a bunch of our neighbors were having garage sales. I still wonder what they must of thought of that big, pitiful pregnant girl walking in circles! = )

When I finally went inside I just laid on the couch and within a couple of hours labor kicked in. I remember starting to pay attention to my contractions at 4:45pm and things kicked in quick. I was immediately in good labor and so we called the doctor and I was devastated to find out that my doctor wasn't the on call doctor! I cried on the phone...

We got things together, called my folks, and headed to the hospital. We arrived about 6pm. When we settled in and I was checked I was only a 6, which is good, but I had been a 7 when I got to the hospital with Adele, so I was disappointed. The only bit that I remember during the next couple hours is having them bring Adele in to me, so that I could just hug her. I needed a reminder. I needed that visual for why I was doing what I was doing...I'll never forget that.

Just before 9pm, the nurse came in and checked me again and said that I was a 9, but as soon as she started to walk out the door, I started to panic because I could feel my body pushing and Elise starting to come out. The nurse said, "No, don't push! You are only a nine!" and I said, "I'm not trying to push, but she is coming out!" So, the nurse checked and sure enough Elise was on her way. So, she ran out to get the doctor and I laid on my side and held my legs together as tightly as I could. When they came running back in with the doctor, they were literally still tying his gown on when they turned me on my back and Elise just fell out!! I never pushed once! My body just completely took over and the doctor barely had the chance to catch her. It was so crazy! So, different from the hour plus of pushing with Adele...

Anthony was of course by my side for all of this, but, unlike Adele and Lucy, my mom was there for Elise's birth. I had planned on having her there, but had never told her in case I changed my mind at the last second. As it turned out, I wouldn't have been able to kick her out if I wanted too!! But I am so glad that she could be there for it. It truly is an amazing thing. I've been able to be present at the birth of my dear friend Leslie's son and it was just so amazing. I hope that one of the girls (or all!) will let me join them in such an incredible experience some day. But back to Elise...

Elise Rebekah Dummermuth was born at 9:00pm. She was 8lbs. 13.6oz., almost the exact same size as Adele had been. She was so perfect. She barely ever cried while we were in the hospital. In fact, I remember at one point during the first night having to wake Anthony up so that he could have the nurses take Elise into the nursery. Not because she was crying, but because she was making the cutest noises and I couldn't go to sleep because I just kept staring at her!

And so here are the pics...Enjoy!

Oh, the looks I would get with my little Adele and my BIG belly!!

In labor...having my little snuggle with Adele before my dad took her to their house for bed.

Another big baby that is now the tiniest kid in her class!

I love the first daddy pics. I know that so many women want to be the first to hold their babies, but I tell you, I'm so glad that Anthony had that. And I love that he was the one to hand our girls to me and that I got to hand our boy to him!

Our big girls' first meeting. Adele just laughed and laughed and laughed.

And today. What a beautiful little four year old.