Thursday, June 4, 2009

On a roll...

Wow. I'm updating like crazy with pictures right now. These were actually taken today!! Don't worry, I'm sure my streak will end soon.

Cousin Ella (my brother Drew's daughter) came to play today. She is a month older than Nathan. We had a blast although there were times when she just stood and stared at all my kids. I think it was a bit more commotion than she is used to!

Snack time! I can't believe they all looked at the camera at the same time! Okay, this was picture number three...but fruit snacks sure do a wonder!

Again! All five...are you kidding me? And this was picture number one! What a good picture day.

Lucy and Ella had the same suits on (which wasn't even planned) and they looked so cute. Lucy is saying "cheese" just in case you are wondering what is wrong with her. = )

The kids love it when we put the pool under the slide (which is why we have a hard shell pool rather than an inflatable). They really book it down that thing!

Lucy LOVES this little tube and uses it the whole time we go to the pool. Seriously, how cute is she?!

It is going to be so fun to watch all these kiddos grow up together. Nate, Ella, and Anthony's neice Paige will all be in the same fun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nate's Lunch.

We are in that funny time of not being ready for a morning nap all the time, but barely surviving lunch without it. Here's a video to illustrate the issue that just makes me giggle. Enjoy!


Time keeps rolling...

Well, the school year has ended and summer vacation has started. Here are a few pictures to wrap up the end of the spring...

Adele's graduation from preschool. She is just getting to be such a big girl.

We have definitely learned that taking a family picture with four small children is pretty much a guarantee that not everyone will be looking at the camera! It's best to just take what you can get and call it a day!

The girls also finished their ballet and tap classes with Miss Dana. She was such a great teacher and the girls really enjoyed the classes. We may pick them back up in the fall, but this summer will be about swimming for both girls and tennis for Adele.

The girls really enjoyed their teacher, Miss Dana!