Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm thankful for...

NATE! Our little man turned two today. We mostly celebrated it in the morning, while Thanksgiving dominated the rest of the day. But even still, this year was really fun, a true celebration. I still thought at times of his birth parents and even got a little choked up when I looked at him and really considered the significance of today, but all in all it was simply his birthday...and I now have two two year olds in the house!

Here are some pics of today. (Will post some soon from his birthday party we had for him on the 5th, our one year anniversary of getting home.)

Birthday balloon tradition...two for the little man!

Getting a hang of the unwrapping thing!

Trucks and trains = one content boy

Oh, and yes he has a mohawk (hate to break it to you, Lindsay, but you inspired us!)

No one is in a crib strange.

This is what happens when I leave the room and dad has the camera.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I lost my tooth...seriously!

Adele is five and has now lost four of her teeth. If two of them hadn't already started growing in she would be completely toothless!

Anyway, so she has fully embraced the whole Tooth Fairy thing (which while we don't emphasize it, we do let her enjoy the mystery of it) and faced a near tragedy with this last tooth.

See, we were at a friend's house when it came out and it was placed into a ziploc bag and left in her dad's care. I'm sure you can see where this is going! So, somehow it got left behind and "losing a tooth" took on a whole new meaning. Luckily, Adele had heard my story of when I swallowed one of my teeth as a kid and how I wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened. We decided Adele would do the same and I thought you all might enjoy it. (By the way, I only sounded out the words for her, she guessed all the letters and I must say, she did amazing!)

The next morning, she found her two quarters.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today I turned 30. I must confess it feels a little strange. It sounds so adult and at times I still feel anything but that! But whenever someone makes a comment about my age, I kindly remind them that I do have 4's about time I left my 20s.

Truth be told, I'm really quite excited about what this next decade is going to bring us. Our new home, another child...or two...the kids entering school and growing up. Don't get me wrong my 20s came with a lot, but it just seems like the next ten years are going to be really amazing and the thought of what is in front of us, brings only smiles (not dread) to my face.