Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Home...

More pictures to come...once I get a few more boxes put away! = )

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Detour

I know, I know. You are probably hoping for pictures of the house or updates on the kids, but that will just have to wait for another day. You see, today has carried with it the scariest moment of my life...

A little background...about two weeks ago someone came to our door to tell me that they had found Anthony laying by the running trail. She had been able to get him to her car and had brought him home. I quickly switched him over to our car, had our relator (who happened to be there) stay with the kids until Anthony's dad could get there and headed to the ER. Tests were done and all that it came back with was that he was a bit dehydrated. We figured he had just passed out, felt uneasy about the whole thing, but Anthony seemed fine and we moved on. He intended to go and check in with his general doctor, but hadn't gotten around to it yet with the move and all.

So, today seemed like every other day and we decided to hike up our back hill and go down to the neighborhood fishing pond. As we neared the top of the hill I turned around and saw Anthony kinda bending down. I immediately began to think that he was going to "pass out" again, so I took hold of him to help him lay down. But as soon as I got a hold of him he went into a seizure and fell to the ground. It was so scary. I screamed to Adele and Elise to run to the closest house and ask for help and just sat there screaming for help while having absolutely no idea what I should do. As the seizure continued he began to foam at the mouth, turned blue, began to lose consciousness and his eyes even began to roll back.

The neighbors were great. (What a way to meet the new neighbors though!) Some took care of the kids. Called 911. Let me borrow a cell so I could try to reach my family. And one was even a respitory therapist that was able to help me with Anthony and assure me that his heart was still beating. I truly thought for a little while there that I was losing him.

Anyway, there is so much I could tell, but...

We are now thankful to be home from the hospital. The thought now is that Anthony may have developed a seizure disorder (his earlier episode is now being thought of as another seizure, just no one was there to witness it) and he will now be taking anti-seizure meds, will need to visit a specialist, and no more driving etc. for a while. If this is all that it is...I'm just so thankful.

You see, whether it is rational or not, I have ALWAYS thought I would lose Anthony early on. It's so hard to write that as part of me struggles with the idea that writing it will somehow make it true. And even as Anthony was in the midst of it all, I kept saying over and over to myself...I always knew. And that thought is perhaps what was so incredibly scary.

Every day is a gift and if today is the last one that I will have with Anthony then I am stating here and now that I will thank God for every moment that He has given to us. And I will thank God that our time apart will only be for a small period of time on this side of the pearly gates. I hope and pray that we have MANY years more to journey through this adventure together, but I will trust in God even if we don't.

Right now my sweet man is taking a nap. Our kids (who by the way witnessed everything and are incredible little people) are on their way home from the pool with Nana and Papa. I'm sitting in my beautiful new house watching Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth once again fall in love. I deserve none of this...and am beyond grateful for all of it. Words fail me now...God is truly good ALL THE TIME.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hoping and praying that there aren't any issues between now and our closing (on the 22nd!), we have finally sold our house. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved we are. It is so nice to not have that hanging over us anymore.

Now all we need is for the new house's carpet to get in, touch-ups done, and we are ready to move in!! I am counting down the moments...