Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Being from upstate New York, the words SNOW DAY have almost a mystical feeling. They almost never happened because a little snow never scared the schools, but when they did it was an outside all day kind of event. Snow forts were elaborate and contained rooms! Sledding varied from my best friend Meg's mini hill in her back yard to the big hills at places like Powdermill Park where you would only go down the hill 3 or 4 times because it took such a long time to walk back up...yes, snow is a magical word for me.

Yesterday the kids had a snow day (actually they have one today too). We called our neighbors up the hill, who actually own sleds, and spent a couple of hours enjoying our Kansas winter wonderland...

I SO wish this picture was better. We were short three things yesterday...sleds, boots for me (plastic bags on my feet, sneakers over worked great), and snow pants for Nate...so trash bag and packing tape it was (with sweats and his sister's leggings on underneath)!! He was such a good sport!

Dad and the crew.

Adele was so funny because she is so determined to be a great sledder, but too cautious to really go for it.

Yep, Elise is snow-eating kind of kid.

Our kids and our buddies Claire and Keat.

See how happy I look in this picture?

Well, this was right before I headed down the hill (I'm still a killer sledder). I then waited as Anthony sent Elise and Nate down, so I could help Nate walk back up. He may have pushed them a bit too hard and they came sailing down, heading straight for the edge of a small rock wall. I jumped in front of them, keeping them from flying off, but sending myself off the 4 ft. ledge and onto a boulder below. I now have a nice softball size bump/bruise on my leg. Guess today I'll be spending the snow day cold only from the constant ice pack on me...the magic continues. = )

By the way, my mom told me I'm supposed to post a picture of my bruise, but its placement would probably show more impressively my cellulite. Sorry.