Thursday, April 28, 2011


So, I'm a blog stocker, er...follower. And today as I was doing my daily check-ins, I saw that a friend of mine had joined a bloggy trend called WIWW, or What I Wore Wednesday. The gist of it is this, many of us stay-at-home mamas have a tendency to have uniforms...the same jeans/sweats and t-shirts every day. So, by posting what you are wearing it is supposed to encourage a bit of effort in the clothing department.

So, I'm looking at this and thinking, I could use a little encouragement to dress a bit cuter (when did I last wear my contacts?), perhaps I should give it a go. But it is Thursday, not Wednesday, and the day is really lovely and I have a bunch of yardwork that I wanted to get done and I still have about 15-20lbs. to lose and I hate most my clothes, or at least how I look in them...ENOUGH!! I'm doing it anyway!

Here is what I wore today...

Ummm...Lucy took my picture. Here is the run down...

Pants: Target, my friend Traci bought them for me in 2002 because I told her I liked hers and that is just the kind of girl she is
Shirt: My beloved Product (RED) shirt from the GAP that is a few years old and has finally made the move to my crappy clothes pile.
Sweatshirt: Gap. I finally replaced the one I used to wear all the time, but had more holes in it that my Product (RED) shirt.
Shoes: who knows, circa 2000

The perfect mow the lawn, pull weeds, and turn the mulch outfit, don't you think?

For fun, here is a pic of my morning buddies...

Lucy is wearing all hand-me-downs and in fact, Nate's shorts are hand-me-downs too. I'm pretty sure they were our babysitter's, little sister's soccer shorts...nice.

Okay, so I don't think that is really what the goal of this was supposed to be, but whatever.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Hope you all have had a wonderful day full of jelly beans and a lovely brunch and a church service that reminded you why we celebrate this day.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Me vs. Tradition

I learned so many things about myself during the build of our house. One of the things that wasn’t a surprise though was how insanely picky I am about what I buy. You need to know that I am a HORRIBLE shopper, just ask my mom or my dear friend, Leslie. I’m awful. I’m so so picky and rarely find what I’m looking for. Clothes are the worst because I NEVER like how I look in things (ever notice how there are almost NO pictures of me on this blog?), but I was almost as bad with our house finishes.

Okay, so that isn’t entirely true. It took me about two seconds to pick out a lot of them, because I know what I want and so if I found it, I was committed…done. But if I couldn’t find what I wanted? OH MY WORD…it took me FOREVER. And let me tell you, the style of things here in Kansas hurts me. If I saw another busy granite countertop with dark cherry cabinets and oil-rubbed bronze EVERYTHING…I was losing my mind!!! I like simplicity, clean lines, and a light and bright feeling. I don’t want my finishes to depress me, the mess in our house does that plenty!

Anyway, so slowly I found what I wanted in each room and we finished the house, except for two spots…the light over our tub and the light for my office. Nothing worked, so there has been a plate over the socket above our tub and a bare bulb in my office for the last eight and a half months…until yesterday.

Now, this is where you may be a bit surprised by my light purchase…

What do you think? Doesn't it just scream non-traditional? Doesn't it just say light and bright? Not at all! It is just begging for a tuscan-themed room, isn't it? (By the way, if that is your style...ummm...sorry to offend, but I am just so over it.)

The thing is that on this one I wasn't looking for a certain finish, I was looking for a certain form. Something a little girly and whimsical to hang in my office. Something that would be easy to spray paint!

Now what do you think?! Don't you just love spray paint?! The photo truly doesn't do it justice, because this is just the cutest green chandelier EVER!! And I must give a little shout out to my friend, Meghan, who inspired me to do this a long time ago with this blog entry of hers. So so fun.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time to Celebrate!!!

Well, yesterday was Elise's birthday which means we have concluded the birthday season here at the Dummermuth home. It also means that I owe you all a whole bunch of pictures, so here goes!

Adele: My sweet first born turned seven on March 8th. I have a seven year old...crazy. As each year goes by I am amazed as I see how each of my kids have changed, but there is something about watching the oldest, the first one getting old, that blows my mind. Adele is an amazing little lady and I love celebrating her!

This year was the first time that we barely got to see our girl on her day. On the bus at 8am, off at 4pm. Doesn't seem fair...but we got what we could in and she seemed satisfied with her constant, "This is my best birthday ever!" Gotta love those kids that are so easy to please.

Lucy: Can you believe this little peanut turned four on March 16th?! Well, she did. And despite the fact that I am still constantly reminding her that she is only to suck her thumb in her bed, she is seeming less and less like my little baby and more and more like her big sisters every day.

Lu's birthday landed over Spring Break and we spent the whole day as a family. It was the kind of day that just felt right. A whole day full of family love and was lovely.

PARTY!!!: Every year since the year Lucy was born, we have done a joint party for our three girls and their birthdays. This year we celebrated with flower-shaped cookies and a sleepover with cousin Ella. It was such fun.

(I'm realizing that I have become quite the slacker at taking'll see that even more my apologies. I swear we had fun though!)

Elise: Our little princess turned six yesterday. We had a crazy busy day and I took NO pictures. Our dear friend Nick did at Community group last night though so at least we have a little record of her day! Pictures or not, this girl is amazing and we LOVED celebrating her yesterday.

Elise's day was full of family fun (yeah for Saturdays!) and ended with our community group at our house that night. At first we weren't sure if we should still have it, but Elise was more than happy to have the extra attention. = )

Anyway, so there you go. Pink balloon season is over...wonderful as always. We just love these girls so deeply and celebrating them all at once is such a treat.