Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Little Vacation

So, I have been a bit behind on this blogging stuff. Truth is that there has been a lot going on with us and I have been stressed and when I get stressed I'm not one of those people who gets a bunch done or loses wait. I'm the type that freezes up and eats...lovely.

But, we went on the most amazing trip to Omaha, no seriously, as a family and I wanted to post about our trip. It was the very first time that Anthony and I have taken our kids someplace by ourselves. And since Anthony wasn't working and school hadn't started yet for him, we figured it was as good a time as any to take off for a few days.

We went there mostly to go to the zoo, but I actually lived in Omaha when I was little so there were a couple of places that I was excited to go back to. Anyway, we truly had a wonderful time. It was so relaxing and easy...we have amazing kids. So here are some pictures from our time, enjoy!

One of the very first things that we did was go to dinner at an old family favorite, the Surfside club. I remember this sign making me laugh even as a kid!

All they serve there is fried chicken or fried catfish, oh, and the most delicious corn fritters ever. The last time I was there was 25 years ago...when I was Elise's age!

Here is the only family pic we took the whole trip. It was a little cold and rainy at the zoo, but they have a lot of indoor things and it made it so the zoo wasn't very busy, so we really didn't mind.

The penguins were definitely a favorite (especially of Anthony).

Each night we ate an early dinner, came back to the hotel and went swimming, followed by baths and watching tv in was bliss.

The best part of the trip for me though was going by my childhood home. There was a truck outside, so we knocked on the door and the owners (who have been the owners since we left) let us come in and go through the house. It was so so fun for me to walk through there...I remembered everything.

We even drove by my old school and the girls climbed on the "spider web" at a playground in our neighborhood that I used to climb. Pretty sweet.

It was truly a sweet time for our family. It's a good thing for us to know that not only can we get away with all our kids, but that it really isn't that hard and is absolutely worth it. Wonder where we will go next year...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Place Like Home?!

So, when my family was moving to Kansas from upstate New York, it didn't take long for my classmates to start in with the jokes...

"Tell Dorothy I say hi!"
"Watch out for the twisters!"
"What state is Kansas in?" (Seriously, someone asked me that.)

The first week we lived here there were some serious storms and I remember asking my parents where on earth did they move us too!! But while we have had some big storms over the years, I still haven't really worried about tornadoes. But I'm not feeling quite the same way anymore.

When Joplin, Missouri, was hit earlier this week, my heart broke. I've driven through Joplin and it really isn't that far from us and it made things a little too close for comfort. And then today, the sirens went off (although we can't hear them and need to buy a weather radio) and we took the babies down into the storage room in the basement while we kept one eye on the news. It was awful and I was a basket-case, in part because I didn't have two of our girls here with us. It came so close to all who I love and ended up destroying a town, once again, not that far from us. (Prayers to you, Sedalia!)

But we are all safe and sound, thank You Lord!! At least for today we are. But I will say that I felt a bit unnerved when I got this picture today taken at the girls' school...

A bit too close for comfort if you ask me!!