Saturday, August 20, 2011

House Pics 3: Kitchen

I should be posting first day of school pictures of Adele and Elise, or at the very least be posting an entry about the end of summer, but oh well!

So, here is the kitchen (requested by Lindsay in my comments)! I cleaned it up really well this morning because I had extended family coming by, so I snapped a couple of shots while it looked all pretty. By the way, my camera needed to be said.

Can I just say how much I love my kitchen? It is so big and bright and beautiful and if it would only clean itself it would be perfect!

I wanted our house to feel really open and I definitely didn't want to waste any space, so we don't have a separate dining room. Just one big table to seat our big (and hopefully someday bigger) family.

I love that it doesn't feel over-crowded even when there are a bunch of people here. It truly is my dream kitchen.

Oh, and here is a shot of the inside of our pantry (door next to the fridge)! Don't judge me by the contents!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A lesson in vanity.

Elise has got to be one of the sweetest and prettiest little girls I know...and that she knows. That's right, at six, this little girl is all about being pretty, batting her eyelashes, and just flaunting all her cuteness. Don't get me wrong, she isn't doing it in a bad way AT ALL, but I also don't want her growing up thinking that is the most important thing in the world and so I am attempting to address this and all my kiddos various not-so-great tendencies while they are young. And Elise's just happens to be a bit about vanity.

So, her hair has definitely played into all of this the last couple of years as she has really long hair which is just perfect for flipping over your shoulder. (You think I'm kidding?) And so, a while back she and I started talking about her donating her took a bit to sell her on it, but I stressed what a good thing it would be and so finally we agreed and today was the day!


The ponytail!!!


And she likes it...maybe too much actually. In fact, she has transferred all her feelings of vanity to the new cut. Oh well. She does look adorable...

Friday, August 12, 2011

House Pics 2: Kids' Rooms

Okay, I'm trying to get this done...slowly, but surely.

So, this house has a LOT of bedrooms. Six actually. But alas, Adele and Elise still share a room and while Nathan and Lucy are no longer roommates, the hope is that one day they will each have a buddy to make a mess with. Each room also has a small bath attached, but I didn't take any pics...pretty basic stuff.

Anyway, so here are the before and afters!

Adele and Elise's room in our old house...

And now! We just got them the dresser and obviously have a whole lot left to do to decorate, but it is a start!!

So, here is the picture of Nate and Lucy's shared bedroom in the old house. Can I just tell you how happy it still makes me? I thought so long and hard about how to merge the boy and girl schemes and loved how it came out. But, it was time for them to go on their own...although they LOVE having "sleepovers"!

So, here is Lucy's room now! Did you notice that both girls' rooms have window seats? Totally my imposing my childhood dreams on my kids, but whatever...

And Nate's!! The pics above the bed were made by Adele (Grover) and Elise (Nate driving Lightning McQueen). Lucy has a picture of the little mermaid over her window seat, also done by Elise. I love that. = )

The kids are all so in love with their rooms and are so proud of them. If you ever come over they are sure to show you their spaces and explain each and ever little change made. I have to say, I love their little spaces too and look forward to adding to them.

To finish the entry I figured I would share one of the pics that Lucy took when she snagged the camera for a bit....her room through her eyes you could say!

Hmmm...what should I show next?!

Friday, August 5, 2011

House Pics 1: the Mudroom and Powder Room

Boy do I start with a bang! I'm sure you all have been saying to yourselves, I'm sure the house is nice, but what I am dying to see is the mudroom. Well, listen, when you have four kids (with hopes for more) a good mudroom is essential! In truth, this is one of the rooms that I was most excited about and I just love it.

My plan for these entries is to include some pictures from the old house (which by the way it feels like AGES since we lived there) to do a little fun comparison.

So, here we go...

Laundry/Powder Room Before:

Not that I wasn't grateful for just having a space to do laundry, but it was definitely a bit cramped. Oh, and if you are wondering where all jackets and backpacks were...jackets on hall hooks right outside this door and backpacks in their bedrooms.

And Now: (rainy morning...finally...but pics a bit dark)

Oh for the love of SPACE!!

Cubbies!!! Which we just organized since school is on the horizon.

Folding Station...often covered with WAY MORE clothing.

Kids' hooks...Anthony and I have a separate little closet nearby.

And here is a little pic of the SEPARATE powder room!

So very happy.