Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Meeting!

So we have had a couple of family meetings over the years. They have been pretty informal. Just a quick check-in about something that is going on. And the kids have absolutely loved them. In fact, they CHEER when we say we are going to have one.

Anyway, recently we decided to formalize them a bit, to really go for it. We bought a notebook to take down notes from the meeting and we decided that someone will make treats each time.

What is the point in the meetings? Well, our goal is not to torture our kids and produce a bunch of eye rolling (hopefully not at least). It's just that we want our kids to be really thoughtful about life and so to set aside time where we think through things as a family, well, we're trying...

So, last night was our first meeting and it was a real success. Our topic was on how we can be better stewards of what we have been given, or more specifically our attempt to be a little more green. The kids got really into it and we had a lot of fun, of course the yummy brownies helped!!

One of my favorite things about the whole evening was watching how seriously Adele took her note-taking job. That little girl is such a hoot! And I just had to share her handiwork...

My hope is that this will be a family tradition that we will really enjoy. We'll see!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

House Pics 4: Basement/Playroom

You know, it is so hard to get good pics of a big room, but welcome to our basement!! This time I have no pictures from the old house because we had no finished basement and we had no place to keep toys besides a little shelving in our great room. It drove me CRAZY. Of course, this place gets crazy messy and also drives me crazy, but at least I can chose whether or not to go down and look at it!

Truly a little peace of heaven for the whole family.