Saturday, November 26, 2011


So, somebody in our house had a birthday today...

Little Nate is a big four year old now. It's hard to believe. My baby is four...FOUR. Seriously, how did this happen?!

We had such a great day celebrating this sweet little man. Presents, the Muppet movie at the theater, Five Guys burgers and hotdogs, cake, was so much fun. We also did a little lesson in Kinyarwanda, trying to learn how to say Happy Birthday to Nate....Isabukuru nziza y'amavuko! (EeSahBooKooRoo NZeeZah YahMahVooKoh) Try that three times fast!!!

Anyway, another wonderful year, with an incredible little man...Ndagukunda Nathan Irakoze!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Treasure Chest

So, it's been a really long time since I blogged. Sorry about that. But I hope that this post will make it up to you. = )

I got a new if only I would get a new camera we would really be in business!! Anyway, it is this sweet little MacBook that I am super excited about. One of the things that came up when I was buying it was the idea of doing a data transfer. Now, we are keeping our desktop since the kids are on the verge of needing to use a computer at home, so I didn't really need to do any transfer with that. But in our basement, way back in the storage, was my old computer that my grandfather bought me as a high school graduation gift.

We used that as our computer until midway through 2005 (a little after Elise was born), which means that I used it for 7 years! That also meant that all my old pictures from my very first digital camera were locked away on it. (Not to mention a treasure trove of songs that I painstakingly downloaded through good old dial-up onto Napster...glorious!!)

Now Apple wasn't able to transfer that all over for me, but they gave me the name of someone who could and so $50 later, here are some of the gems that we are enjoying once again...

The pictures start with a family vacation to Cancun in the spring of 2001. Yeah, that is the only picture you will ever see of me in a bikini!!!

This is kinda a dark pic, but I love it. Some of the best times I had in college were on the trips I took to visit people. England to stay with my uncle's family for a month, California to visit my dear Annie, and two trips to Boston to hang out with one of my absolutely best friends, Alysia. This pic is from my 2nd trip in the fall of 2001. We always had the best time...

That fall was also my last semester at KU. I led this really great bible study with this amazing guy (recognize the one in yellow?)...

Sigh...I fell in love. HARD. And fast. Which leads us to the next picture which is one of my all-time favorites. It's a cute pic of Anthony and I, but the story behind it is what makes me grin. This picture was taken on a Sunday when Anthony and I drove to my folks' house to go to church with them and so that my parents and older brother Drew could meet him. (Colby already had.)

Now I had only brought one other boy home before, but it was clear that this was really different and my slightly over-protective brother was not exactly warm to the idea. I'll never forget our asking Drew to take our picture and him snapping this one and then going off in a huff. It was a while before he would give Anthony the time of day!! Actually, I'm quite certain that the first time he showed any kind of approval of Tone and I, was the day we got engaged and he pushed me out of the way to give Anthony a big hug. I'm grinning ear to ear just remembering it!!

Three days after we got engaged I moved to Colorado Springs to spend a semester at Focus on the Family. Being apart was AWFUL, but we never went more than 3 weeks without seeing each other and had some amazing visits. This is a pic from one of Anthony's trips when we went on a hike up in the mountains. I spared you from a kissing pic. = )

There were other pics of Tone and I on there, but what I was most excited about was all the baby pictures of Adele that we hadn't seen in forever.

Seriously, how insanely cute was she?!?!?!?!

And one last one of my sweet Gram...

So, there you go! A little trip down memory lane with me. Thanks for indulging!!