Monday, April 30, 2012

Letting Things Be Mysterious

So, the questions have been coming recently about the Tooth Fairy.  I mean, how could they not?  Just look at this smile...

If she doesn't start growing in some replacements I'm going to have to start pureeing her food!

I think that the questions are really coming mostly from Adele, but the girls share a room and like to talk at night and so I think this has been quite the hot topic of late.  Well, last night we finally put the little guys to bed and went and sat in Adele and Elise's room and had the talk.

I wish you could have been a fly on the wall.  Our two big girls just could not be more different.  Adele is so very practical about the whole thing.  We asked them what they knew was true and Adele gave us a list of things her friends get different amounts of money (we give a couple of quarters, rather than the dollar many of their friends get), how all the windows and doors are locked at night...of course, Elise figures that if there are fairies than they surely have magic wands and therefore locked windows and doors wouldn't matter...oh my.  The one I never guessed was coming though was that Adele had noticed that our big change jar, which she likes to work on counting money with, rarely has quarters on the top.  Seriously?!  This girl is no joke.

Elise on the other hand says she really just wants to know, but you can tell that she is just wanting us to confirm that fairies are real.  The romance of it all just speaks to that little girl's heart.

So, what did we say?

Well, we didn't tell them either way.  Rather we told them that there are a lot of mysteries in life and that we want them to learn to think hard about these things and discover the truth for themselves.  We told them that there are things that we believe are true and that we hope they will believe are true, but that we don't want them to believe those things simply because we do.

I told them about how I grew up believing in God simply because my mom did and how there came a point when I was older when I had to decide for myself if that was something that I truly believed.  What we want is for them to learn to be thoughtful people who don't just believe things because they feel as though they should or simply because they haven't bothered to really take the time to think about things.  We want them to believe because they have learned for themselves that it's true.

It's kind of a scary stance to take.  The temptation to just tell them all what to think is certainly there but that would never serve them in life, so we resist giving them answers to everything.

The reality is that there are a lot of things that are still a mystery to me and a lot of things that they ask that I can't answer anyway.  But since we have embraced the idea that life is full of mysteries in our house, I have no problem telling them that I don't know.  And while we still seek truth, we accept the fact that we'll never fully understand everything about God, about others...hopefully they'll figure out the truth about the Tooth Fairy though...but when it comes to God and other things, well, I guess I want them to be able to hold mystery and truth and belief all in one hand with a smile on their sweet faces.

By the way, Adele's plan for figuring out about Santa is to stay up until Anthony and I are asleep and sneak down to see if we have filled the stockings.  Smart girl...except for the fact that she told us her plan!

I love being a mom.  Speaking of which...anyone want to see a new belly pic!  21 weeks...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Crazy Pregnant Lady Math

Have no fear, this is not a post about how annoying I find it that some women seem to think that there are only 4 weeks in a month (only February can claim this and even it was longer than that this year) and therefore believe that pregnancy is 10 months long when in actuality it is closer to 8.5 months when you consider you aren't even pregnant the first two weeks...nope, this post has nothing to do with that.  What I am talking about is food.

Basically, my day went something like this...

Crazy pregnancy emotional morning that included crying over the invitation that I just looked at for the first time for a party of Lucy's friend that was this PAST Saturday


Husband getting a couple of tearful phone calls causing him to come home for lunch
instead of going someplace to study


Okay, so usually I eat a little more than half a burrito and save the rest, but...

Mama eats the entire burrito


A huge effort to NOT gain 50 lbs. this pregnancy


Push mowing our entire yard.  Our very BIG yard and our very BIG hill.

I decided to wear Anthony's Garmin watch just to see how far I walked as I went.  (I try to get at least 2 miles in every day.)  I walked 3.35 miles in about 1:49, with one little break to do some disciplining and refill the mower with gas.

It was seriously good exercise, but now my feet are killing me and I am dog tired. 

Luckily for me, no crazy pregnant lady math is complete without a final...


ICE CREAM!  (a Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwich that is...close enough!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April's books

At least I am posting in the right month this time!

So, I have finished my classic book this month and am a few chapters into my spiritual choice.  There is truly something sweet about ending the day with a good book in your hand...

Classic:  The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.  Okay, so this is a darker read, but let me tell you it was so so good.  Truly fascinating.  First of all, Wilde is an incredible writer.  I was a little nervous about what the book was going to be about when I first got started, but boy did he draw me in.  It was so revealing about human nature and how deeply destructive we can be to our own souls.  This book (Wilde's only novel), is considered to be a reflection of Wilde's own life, which I have to be honest, is a bit disturbing...anyway, I hope that I haven't scared you off of this book because I really did like it.  It would be a fascinating book club read.

Spiritual:  A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson.  I knew that sooner or later I would be reading one of Peterson's books (he is the author of The Message) because Anthony just respects him like crazy. He writes for any Joe and yet has incredible depth.  I'm only a few chapters in but am excited to keep reading.

Alright now, I only have one more classic on my shelf that I know I am going to read, so let's get some comments with a suggestion or two of a classic that you love.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

19 Weeks and Counting!

Well, I am almost half way there!  At least halfway to my due date, but I'm sure we'll put in a couple of days or WEEKS past that.  At any rate, I am already starting to make my to do list of things that I want to get done before Matthias arrives.  There is a whole lot of non-baby related items, but I figured I would give you a quick run-down of the baby ones...

1.  Get the crib in the guest room ready.  We have two cribs since Elise came so quickly after Adele and Nate and Lucy were both in cribs at the same time.  Our extra crib is in our upstairs guest room and will be super handy to have an extra sleeping place.  Right now though, it has an older resident (my nephew uses it when I watch him on Wednesdays), but when I am done watching him next month, I'll get it ready for my baby boy.

2.  Get our room baby ready.  Our master bedroom is on the main floor and we will have Matthias sleeping in there at night until he starts sleeping through for convenient nursing (which has been until about 8-11 weeks with all the girls).  We'll set up a porta crib and have all the diapers in there.  I'm waiting on this in part because we ordered a loveseat for the room and so I figure I may as well get that in there before I settle up the little guy's spot.

3.  Cloth diapers.  We started cloth diapers when we brought Nate home and Lu was a year and a half.  So most of the ones I have are pretty big.  I do have some "one size" diapers, but I need to "refresh" the velcro and such and will then have to figure out what else I may need.

4.  Nursing.  Bras, pads, tanks...I got rid of everything!

5.  Little man clothes.  I have already made a few purchases, but other than that I have nothing until 6-12 month stuff.  I'm hopeful that I won't have much to buy at that point since Nate also has a fall birthday, so hopefully they will match up seasonally, but who knows.  I'm definitely in need of little bitty stuff though.  One of my necessities?  Gowns for sleeping.  I bought him two already and may have a couple gender neutral in the girls' stuff, but those things are the best for nighttime diaper changes (or so Anthony tells me...ha!), so I will only need a couple more.

6.  Stroller frame.  With the new carseat we will need a stroller frame to hook it into.  I hate the big bulky strollers, so the frame will be great.

7.  Eating seat.  I am anti-high chairs.  Those things take up SO much room and are way to big for little babies and well, I just could never get mine clean.  We use a portable little eating seat by Fisher-Price now that I love (have two of those too!) and have it hooked to a little ladder chair that use to be in my grandparents' house when I was growing up.  The chair has a vinyl seat and back that I recovered in a girly, circle pattern years ago, so I want to change that out.  Thinking I'll use some fabric I brought back from Rwanda.

8.  Sorting all the baby toys/gear etc.  There are boxes in the basement with all sorts of baby stuff that I need to go through.

I think that's about it!  I'm sure I'll add a bunch to the list as time goes on.  But I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Still Reading...

Forgot to give my March book choices, but I did read them so better late than never!  So far I have really enjoyed everything that I have read, although the spiritual books have definitely been a challenge for me.  I think after not reading any for awhile my brain stopped processing them well.  But that is part of why I gave myself this challenge...

Okay, so here are my March reads...

Classic:  Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  I had never read this before and was really excited to finally open it up. I have to confess that one of the reasons that I have always wanted to read it is that it is the subject of one of my favorite Friends lines ever.  Rachel and Joey are discussing books that they have read over and over and decide to swap their favorites...Joey's is The Shining, Rachel's is Little Women.  As Rachel is leaving with her new book in hand, Joey asks her something like, "So how little are these women?  Are they scary little?"  Ok, I swear it is such a funny moment.

Anyway, the book was so good and just reminded me again why it is so good that my girls have each other.  That sisterly relationship is truly something special.  There really is a reason that certain books are considered classics and read over and over again, Little Women is beautifully written...I will definitely read it again some day.

Spiritual:  A Third Testament by Malcolm Muggeridge.  Malcolm Muggeridge was a journalist who became a Christian in his 80s.  He is also credited with having introduced the world to Mother Teresa.  This book is a basically the stories of some of the most profound Christian authors and thinkers in history.  The lives of these men are pretty fascinating and this is a book that I plan to pick up again before I read any of the works by these incredible men.  It provides some pretty great context...really good.

Anyway, so I will get to April's books in another post.  I'm working my way through my classic, but Anthony hasn't picked my spiritual one yet.

Anyone reading something that you think I should add to my list this year?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue Fever

I wouldn't say that I am nesting. In fact, I have never really done any crazy nesting with any of my babies. (And my house could so use it!) But with each of them a few purchases and getting their cribs ready and walls painted have always been something that I was anxious to do. And this one has been no different... 

Only a couple of weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I made our first purchase.

It's always hard to decided what new things to buy and what to reuse when additional babies come along, but we decided that it was time for a new carseat. After 4 babies and over 8 years, we figured it was time. Its has been sitting in our bedroom since the day it came...I love seeing it there.

Before that though we had already gotten a gift. When my little brother and his wife found out that they were pregnant I gave them a little set of boy onesies and a little set of girl ones. That way as soon as they found out what they were having, the little peanut would already have something. Well, Meg returned the favor and gave us a little blue striped hat and a little pink one. We so enjoyed handing back the pink one to her last week!!

A few other things have been purchased and the few boy linens pulled out of boxes and everything has been placed neatly in his crib (which I of course raised to newborn height the night we got home from the ultrasound).

Can you tell I am having fun?!

One of my favorite purchases with each kiddo though is the home from the hospital (or off the airplane!) outfit. I had been eyeing this one for MONTHS and am thinking it may be a it stays in my room for now and brings such a smile to my face.

Oh little Matthias...we are counting down the weeks until you get here little man!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Is that what I think it is?"

Since the day we decided to have a baby I have been thinking about today. I am not a "team green" kind of girl. From day one I am dying to know if our new little addition is a boy or a girl and I pretty much count down the days until we can find out. Well, today was that day.

We picked the girls up from school, stopped at the Wal-mart so I could pee (and I had drank only half of what they told me to and thought I was going to die!), and headed off to get a sonogram. I'm sure we must have been quite a scene, the six of filing into that dark little room. The tech was great, she immediately started searching for those legs and the second she got there, I said, "Is that what I think it is?"

It was...we are having a boy!

We would have been thrilled if it was a girl too, but we just knew this one was meant to be a boy. And we are so happy. Okay, so Lucy burst into tears, but I cried when I found out she was a girl and it didn't take me long to embrace her and all of her girliness. She's already come around. = )

So now a few outfits have been bought, the crib adjusted in Nate's room for a newborn, and the few boy blankets we have are neatly folded in the crib. We are having another boy...Nate is going to have a brother.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, today we celebrated yet another birthday for yet another amazing little lady. Elise is 7.

This little girl is something else. She is continually giving us glimpses into what she is going to be like as a teenager...the bits of attitude and eye rolling on one hand and the thoughtfulness and sweetness on the other. She can give a foot massage like nobody's business (I've been trying to teach Anthony to do it like that for 10 years!) and is the first one to join you in your joys and sorrows.

When we told the kids that we were expecting a new little peanut, their reactions were so inline with who they are...Adele had questions and showed no initial emotion (she's a processor), Lucy didn't say anything but closed her eyes and nodded at me with a big smile on her face (her ultimate approval), Nate came up and gave me a hug (such a little snuggle bug), but Elise? She burst into tears because she was so happy and just kept saying "Really? Really?" over and over.

I love this girl.

So, today we celebrated her with chocolate chip cinnamon rolls for breakfast (thanks Aunt Meg!), a box of homemade sugar cookies (gold crowns and pink castles) to take to her friends at school, dinner at Mimi's Cafe, and cupcakes from a bakery for dessert.

She seemed to have a really great day and that is all a mom can ask for.

Another 7 year old. (Didn't I just have one of these a few weeks ago? Amazing.)

Want one more glimpse into who this sweet girl is? Well, one of her favorite gifts was a bible, her first bible. I didn't bother to get her a beginner bible (she already reads at a 3rd grade level), nope. I found her the pinkest, sparkliest one on the shelf...

Because a girl like Elise needs a little sequence even in her spiritual life. = )

Happy birthday, Elise! Thanks for making life a little fancier for us all.