Thursday, August 30, 2012

August's Books

Well, the month is about over so I figured it was about time I posted my book choices!  (In case you are wondering about the picture, much of my reading has been done in my bathtub this month, so I figured I may as well take a picture there!) 

Classic:  Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  Oh so long, oh so good.  Truly I loved this book.  I had never read it before and have never seen the movie (although it is on our Best Picture movie list!), so I really knew nothing about it.  But I loved it.   I wouldn't say that it was the easiest read for me.  I mean, it takes place in the South during the Civil War and so the view of blacks, well, as the mama of a black son, it just got hard sometimes. But I still loved it and can't wait to watch the movie. 

Spiritual:  In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen.   I haven't finished this sweet little book yet, but so far I am enjoying it.  It is a super fast read that Nouwen wrote about Christian leadership.  There is a real humility in this book that is so refreshing in a world where leadership is all about power.

So, anyway, only four months to go!  Anyone have a book that I just MUST read?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cherry Pies and Movies.

Have I told you how much I love reading classic books?  It's like having a slice of Grandma's tried and true cherry pie, after years of eating those handheld gas-station Hostess ones.  I mean, all of a sudden you wonder why you had wasted all those calories on that crap when you could have spent them on something so...right.

Books have become like that for me.

Anyway, so a couple of months ago, I once again became inspired. Anthony and I love to watch movies, but never seem to be able to decide what to watch.  We tend to like quirkier movies and have a real love for documentaries.  Netflix is a godsend to us as we scour the site for unique little films.  We have even enjoyed watching some old classics that we have all heard of but not really watched.  And I have to say that there is something about having seen those classic films that makes me feel, dare I say it, more cultured.  Just like reading those tried and true books.

So I came up with a movie challenge for us.  We are watching ever Best Picture award winner ever.  I made a spread sheet (I love spread sheets) with all 84 winners and we checked off all the ones that we had BOTH seen...20 films.  That left us with 64 films to watch and we figure it will take us over a year to watch them all, but we are loving our challenge.  We have watched 8 films so far and while we haven't liked all of them, we have really enjoyed some of them and know that we would never have watched them if it weren't for our challenge.

Anyway, so there you go...all that and now all I can think about is cherry pie...sigh.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dad's pictures.

As a rule, I would say that I am the family photographer. Anthony rarely even touches our camera. But every once in a while, when I am downloading photos off our camera, I find some that there are some on there that I had nothing to do with.

Today was one of those days. I took a long bath on Sunday afternoon and apparently Dad and the kids had some fun while I was taking time for myself...hmmm...

Boy I love my family.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Well, today was the girls' first day of school...all three of them.  I can't believe it.

They have all been so so excited.  Last night we made sure everyone had an outfit laid out (which they each picked out for themselves), backpacks were ready and their alarm was set for 7am.  I got up a bit before that to get ready for them this morning and started hearing them about 6:45.  At 7am it was like an explosion up there, doors were opening and kids came flying downstairs, dressed and ready to go.  Adele said that she and Elise had just been sitting on their beds, watching the clock.  Yep, kinda excited.

By 7:30 everyone was fed, had their hair done and backpacks on, so we headed on outside to take a couple of pics and wait for the bus (that wasn't due to come until 8am).

The bus came on time and off they three girls.

How did this happen?  How did I get to the point that three of my children are now in elementary school?  It just seems so hard to believe.

Adele is now in the 3rd grade, which means she is halfway done with elementary school...crazy.  She is growing up so much and I just know that we are going to see so many changes in her this year.

Elise is a 2nd grader.  She has been dying to get back to school this last month and even though none of her favorite friends are in her class this year, she just couldn't get there fast enough today!

And Lucy.  Oh my sweet little kindergartener.  She is still such a baby in so many ways and I can't believe that I put her on a bus today.  She jumped on that bus and waved happily from the window as I burst into tears.

I'm not sure that I could have handled this morning in my oh-so-pregnant state, if it hadn't been for this little man...

Oh he just makes me giggle.

So we made it through the morning and welcomed home a very chatty Lucy at lunchtime and will be heading outside to welcome the other two home soon.

Time is flying...and days like today make me feel like I am barely keeping up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I did it...

Remember the challenge that I had given myself back in May in this post?  My goal to walk 500 miles during this pregnancy in order to keep my weight under control?  Well, today I recorded my 500th mile.  I did it.  And I even have 24 days to go!

If I'm honest though, I think that it is a good thing that I finished a bit on the early side because I have definitely hit a wall this week.  I am completely worn out and the walking is getting really hard for me.  I have found that I really have to walk in the morning when my belly is fresh and hasn't faced a day of gravity, otherwise it is just so dang heavy.  I probably could get one of those belly support belts, but at the same time I don't want to fight gravity's help in bringing this little boy into the world!!

Anywho, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself and when I look in the mirror at my face that still looks like me or at my fingers that can still sport my wedding rings (most days at least!) or at the number on my scale (about 25lbs. under what it was with Lucy at this point) and then I look at pictures of me pregnant with the girls, I can't help but smile and feel like every step has been so worth it.

end of my pregnancy with Lucy

500 miles.  Not too shabby.