Monday, September 17, 2012

Hospital Photo Bomb

Here's some of my favorite pictures...Enjoy!!

Hello world!

our teeniest baby

Dad always gets the first hold

the handoff

meeting everyone

Adele's first turn to hold him

my five

Elise's turn

Lucy's first hold...she's a bit hesitant, but she'll do great

oh my boys...Nate so loves his little buddy

oh there is just no better feeling

how did I get so blessed to do life with this man?

just heavenly

first family photo!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

We're home!

Look what I now get to look at every day...

I'm completely in love.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Birth

Matthias is off getting circumcised so I figured now was as good a time as any to write this thing out.  So here's how it went down...

On Wednesday, I went to the doctor and she decided to check me since I was past my due date...I was a 2.  I knew this doesn't mean anything about going into labor, but I had been a 1 when I got induced with Lucy 2 weeks after her due date, so at least I was further along than that!

On Thursday, I kinda knew all day that I was close to having him...there were little signs that were similar to what I had had with Adele and Elise.  But I was super torn about going into labor that day. I wanted to be done being pregnant and my doctor (whom I adore) was going out of town that evening and I really wanted her to be able to deliver Matthias.  She had missed out on Elise, but had been there for the other two girls. My dad was out of town and my mom was at another hospital awaiting the birth of my niece, Ivy.  (Whom I am dying to meet, by the way!)  Plus, Thursday is Anthony's busiest day with school and seeing clients...

Anyway, so how I felt about things didn't of course matter and so as Thursday finished up, I put the kids to bed early in case we had a short night and Anthony and I went to bed as soon as he got home at about 11pm.

At around 1am, I woke up to go to the bathroom.  Before I even put my feet on the floor, I felt a contraction.  Not the type I would bother to start timing with, but enough to keep me too alert to be able to fall back to sleep when I got back in bed.  I had a couple more here and there and then finally at about 2:30 they started coming on stronger and more regularly and I started timing them.  By 3, I knew things were going, so I woke Anthony up and took a shower because I was having back labor and knew the water would feel good.  By 3:30, we woke the kids up and started getting everyone ready to get in the car. The kids were amazing.  No complaints, everyone got right up and got dressed and got right into the car.  Anthony and I were the last to walk out of the house and we stopped and had that moment of knowing that we were leaving our life of 6 behind and would come home 7....amazing.

By 4, we were at the hospital and my contractions were about 4 minutes apart.  My mom met us there and hung with Nate and Lucy in the waiting room while Anthony, Adele, Elise and I headed into our room.  When they checked me, I was a 6.

My contractions were really different this time.  I would have a really big one that I could tell was moving things along and then a bunch of smaller ones (that still hurt, but were nothing like the others).  All total in my labor, I would say I only had maybe 10-15 of the big ones.  After an hour I was a 7.

Our plan was to have both Elise and Adele in the room for the whole deal, but while Adele was interested in even watching when they checked me, Elise was clearly bored and uninterested.  So we decided to send her out to hang with my mom a bit and bring her back in when things got close.  She headed out about 5:30.  Around 6, the doctor came in to check me again and said that I was a 7/8 and broke my water.  She's my mom's doctor, so since our room is right by the waiting room she went out and chatted with my mom.  A couple minutes later, Anthony was on the phone with his dad while I was laying on my side (with Adele holding my hand...she was such a rock star) and I had a huge contraction, ending with my feeling his head really move down.  I told Anthony to hang up the phone and get help...Adele also told him to do this.  The nurse took one look at me and the room began to fill with people.  I had another similar contraction and said something to everyone about how he was right there and they needed to be ready.  At 6:18, I had a third contraction and out he came!  It was a lot like Elise's delivery in that I never pushed once.  I couldn't have kept him in if I had tried!  It was totally nuts.

I had Adele follow Matthias as they went to clean him up and had Anthony follow her with the camera.  I grabbed my phone and called my mom to tell her that he was here.  She was totally shocked and Elise immediately wanted to come back. We had her wait until all was cleaned up though.  I actually think it was a good thing that she ended up not being in there. It was pretty intense and she is a bit too...well...delicate to have enjoyed it.  Adele, on the other hand, well, I can't wait to really get to chat with her about her experience, but I am just so so glad that she was in there with us.

Anyway, so that's the story.  Less than 4 hours from when I knew there was no heading back to when there he was.  It is just all so surreal.  I have 5 kids.  I have a baby...have not had one of those in a LONG time.  So so amazing.

I'll post again soon with a bunch of pics, but for now, here are a few of my amazing, 8 year old labor coach.

Friday, September 14, 2012


...he's here.  And he was absolutely worth the wait.

Matthias Grey Dummermuth
born at 6:18am
8 pounds 6.2 ounces 21 inches long

Will post more about today soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Deep Sigh...

The days are coming and going...

Anthony and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on the 7th. Crazy...10 years.

Matthias's due date was on the 8th.  It's official.  I NEVER give birth early.

The weather has been amazing and so I have been taking some really nice, long walks outside.  My goal of hitting 500 miles seems silly now, I'm over 560.  (After my walk this morning, I am now at 569 to be exact.)

I'm ready to have this baby and the days just keep coming and going and nothing.  I feel fantastic...too, absolutely nothing is happening good.  And I'm a little frustrated.  Each day I get grumpy a little earlier in the day.

I know he will be here soon, really soon, but at the same time it seems like he is never going to come.  I'm just ready to hold this little man.  And I'm ready for someone else to hold him too!!!

In my four pregnancies so far, I have put in 35 days past my due dates...I think that's enough!  Come on little man.  I promise you will be my favorite if you come soon!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Off He Goes!!

Well, after 3 weeks of watching his sisters get on the bus and go off to school, today it was finally Nate's turn.  He had his backpack on and was outside with the girls while they waited for their bus nearly an hour before we needed to leave...I guess he was excited!

Quick, funny story.  On Lucy's first day this year I was a total crying mess and after the girls got on the bus, Nate and I came inside and cuddled on the couch watching Looney Tunes.  The next day, after they all climbed on the bus he turned to me and said, "Do you need to go watch Looney Tunes?"  I didn't, much to his disappointment.  Anyway, so yesterday, we were talking about him starting school today and how much I was going to miss him and he said, "After you drop me off, you are probably going to need to go home and cry and watch Looney Tunes." Oh buddy! I love this guy!

And seriously, could he be more handsome?!?!?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Excited!!!

Well, I'm still pregnant...very very pregnant.  It's crazy to think that my due date is this Saturday...oh the mystery of when this little man will come!

Our kids are so excited about his coming.  It is so much fun.  We have really tried to involve the kids in as many ways possible to help the excitement grow and it really has.

One way we have done this is by opening our calendar up and having all the kids take turns picking the days that they think he might be born on. We picked days over a whole month. Every morning Lucy goes to the calendar and lets us know whose day it is. Why so much excitement over this? Well, whoever's day is right wins a $10 gift card to Target to spend however they want! Who wouldn't be excited?!

I also gave the older girls a little project to do.  I had them each draw pictures and pick out felt so that I could make little onesies for him...

Didn't they turn out cute?  Adele's is the monster and Elise's is the car.  I have a feeling that one wash will destroy them, but the girls were so proud of how they turned out, so hopefully we'll get a cute picture of him in them!

Anyway, hopefully before long my post will be filled with pics of our boy.  Here's hoping he doesn't pull a Lucy and wait an extra couple of weeks to show!!!