Wednesday, July 31, 2013


After reading a post from my friend Leslie's blog earlier this summer, Anthony and I decided to sign up for our local CSA.

In case you aren't familiar with what a CSA is...

Community Supported Agriculture is a way to support your local farmers by purchasing their goods.  The CSA that we do is through a local grocery store, costs $10 to sign up for, and has been amazing.  We simply go to the store on our pick up day, pay $25, and get our bag of goodies.  We had chosen Saturdays, but since we were out of town this week, we asked to pick up on the other pick up day, which was today.

We already know what it is that we are getting each week because it is posted online.  It is usually a mixture of fruits, veggies, and some meat, eggs and/or dairy.  Each item is assigned points, so that if there is an item that you don't want (like eggplant...yuck), you can trade it out for something else (more corn...yes!).  The quality is always excellent and you just feel good supporting the local farms.  Plus, it's a good deal.  This week's bag would have cost $38.46 and we just paid our $25...not too shabby!!!!

Here's what we came home with...

  • two 8oz. KC Strip Steaks
  • twelve ears of Andy's Candy Corn
  • a seedless yellow watermelon
  • 3lbs. of tomatoes
  • 6oz. of blackberries

We already had some of the corn and watermelon for good.

Wonder if you have a CSA in your area?  Click here and check it out!  Good food.  Good deal.  Good cause.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Well, we did it. We drove to Colorado for a family trip with Anthony's family and didn't kill one another. In fact, we had an absolute blast. Rather than give you a play by play of the trip though, let me just give you some lovely little number facts and a handful of pictures and will consider the trip documented.

ZERO flakes of real gold that we found while panning at a gold mine.
ONE child who struggled with the altitude. Poor Adele, had headaches and trouble sleeping, but was a great sport about it.
TWO hours that we were able to go in the car without someone needing to go potty. Also the number of times we pulled over on the side of the road for a little boy who had "to go really bad".
THREE meals spent with dear old friends.
FIVE Roald Dahl audiobooks that we listened to in the car.
SIX trips down the mountain roller coaster and alpine slides with our kids and their cousin Paige.
SEVEN flips that Elise did on the bungee trampoline.
NINE miles that we rode together on a bike trip.
SEVENTEEN total family members (and one babysitter) on the trip.
TWENTY-FIVE hours spent driving in the car.
FORTY-FIVE minutes of total time that Matthias cried in all the time we spent in the car.  What?!  Amazing.
FIFTY times we told the kids we were proud of how they were behaving.
ONE HUNDRED Swedish fish that I ate while we drove.
TWO HUNDRED giggles from Lucy on one of the rides at the North Pole.
THREE MILLION words and sounds that we heard from Nathan in the car.

Thanks for the trip, Gigi!  We truly had an amazing time.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How's it Growing?

I have to say that I am really enjoying my garden this year. I'm guessing the main reasons for this are...
  1. I'm not pregnant.
  2. It's not day after day of 100+ degree heat.
  3. I learned from my mistakes last year.
  4. I'm not pregnant.
I think my garden is enjoying this year much more also.

I should take a bunch of lovely pictures of it for you, but I'm in the house and it is actually quite hot today, so too bad.  I did take some pictures of what I harvested last night though and the dinner that we cooked with it...

Looks pretty good, don't you think?!

So here is the breakdown as to how things are going so far...

  • Lettuce:  Still going strong.  Once again, I planted way too much.  I have to learn to control myself with those seed packets!  I always just dump all the seeds when I should sow just a little and continue to sow throughout the summer.  That, or we need to seriously up the amount of BLTs and burgers we eat!
  • Spinach:  Done and yanked.  We just don't eat it.  I may try again next year and steam it and freeze it, since I do use it for some quiches and stuff, but I don't know.  Only if I have room.
  • Dill:  Done and yanked.  We didn't really ever use it fresh, but I dried a bunch of it and have it stored in a little mason jar (used it on the potatoes last night).  It grows insane though, so if I grow it again next year I need to think about placement.  My poor basil wasn't getting much sun sitting between the dill and snap peas.
  • Snap peas:  Done and yanked.  This went pretty well, but I need to think about how to better trellis them.  They were kind of a mess and I had trouble getting at them. 
  • Basil:  Getting there.  Kind of a pitiful crop so far.  I'm hoping now that the dill and snap peas are out, we might see it flourish.
  • Beans:  Still going strong.  Okay, so I messed up.  I meant to buy bush beans that don't need any trellising and I didn't.  Oh my word, what a mess!  I tried sticking some polls in there to help them out, but it is a mess and I'll probably only harvest them once more before they come out.  The beans have tasted good though, but BUSH beans...will pay more attention to what the packet says next time.
  • Artichoke:  Still waiting.  This was one of my why not?! buys.  So far it is huge, but not showing any signs of artichokes.  We'll see.
  • Peppers:  Getting there.  These little guys are looking pretty good and we already have one pepper that is bigger than any of last years.  But I did just move them all last night to where the potatoes had been as they were getting swallowed up by the artichoke, so we'll see if I just killed our pepper crop.
  • Carrots:  Still going strong.  Exercise control when planting!  This should be my gardening mantra.  The carrots are doing great, but I sowed them all without spacing and so they haven't had the room they need to really flourish.  So we have been picking them as we go along, given others some space to breathe.  They have been really delicious too, so they will definitely be showing up again next year.
  • Tomatoes:  Getting there.  Just started to have a few tomatoes grow.  Can't wait to see if they do well.  I spent a bunch of time yesterday pruning them so they don't grow out of control like last year.
  • Onions:  Still going strong.  Onions are great because they grow well and you can harvest them as you go along, they are just smaller early on.  So we have been using them a bunch, which has been great!
  • Potatoes:  Done and yanked.  Harvested these all yesterday and the crop was beautiful and delicious.  Potatoes continue to be a family favorite.
  • Watermelon:  Getting there.  It's a little vine, but it has a flower on it, so we have hope!
  • Cantaloupe:  Getting there.  Holy crap this thing has EXPLODED.  It was the other reason that I moved the peppers and why I went ahead and harvested all of the potatoes.  There is just one vine but it is huge and has a TON of flowers on it.  Excited to see what happens with it.

Whew!  That was a lot.  At the end of the season I'll share all that I have learned and what I plan to do the same and different next year.  But all in all, it's growing good!

Friday, July 5, 2013

How we spent the 4th...


photo by my sister-in-law, Meg, but the pies are by me!

That's just how we do things.