Monday, March 24, 2014


It was time.  Not that we have never had our kids do anything in this house, but it was time for something a little more organized.  I began to realize this after our letting go in January.  We let go of so much and I still felt so overwhelmed by our house.  Something still needed to change.

Can I give some unsolicited advice?

Live in the smallest house that fits your family comfortably.  Seriously.  Our house is big.  And while I love it for our family and know that I will be thankful for the size as the kids get older (and bigger), it's a lot to take care of.  And while I'm sure that most people with a house this size have someone come clean it for them, I don't.  I just have seven people (and a dog) making a mess of it day after day after day and there are days when I feel completely overwhelmed by it.

All that to say that we are beginning to more aggressively delegate the chores.  We have 7 people in this house and 6 of them can do a lot to help keep things under control.  And what January taught me is that when expectations are made clear, there doesn't tend to be much push back on helping out.

So, we sat down and made some calendars.  I gave the kids as much control as possible over what chores they chose and what days they chose to do them on.  We also considered things like days when the kids have Early Release from school or when we had more activities than usual.  Oh, and we don't schedule anything for Sundays...its a day of rest y'all!

We've been going this way all month and it has been AMAZING.  Not that I don't still get totally overwhelmed, but at least I feel as though we are headed in the right direction AND creating healthy habits for our family.

Oh and there is also a little dream forming in us that involves a tiny house for two once these kiddos are all grown and gone...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Little Lu's birthday.

Our Lucy is seven.  She is still mistaken for a five year old on a regular basis, but don't let that tiny package fool you, she fits a lot of character in that tiny frame!

We celebrated her birthday by having a few of her school friends come over to make sundaes and just play.  I forgot to take any pictures, but they had a blast.

(Actually, I've been terrible about taking pictures or blogging or anything like that lately, but I guess life is like that sometimes...)

Lucy has changed so much this year.  Her reading has improved immensely.  She is coming out of her shell more and more each day...well, in front of others that is, she burst out of it at home a long time ago!  She is so good with Matthias, is getting a little better at keeping her room clean, and loves bossing Huck around.  Her hair is always a mess, she has a fascinating personal style, and her incoming teeth are HUGE!  Oh, she is just such a joy.

Oh, and she still loves anything and everything strawberry.  Which I love.

Anyway, so sorry for the lack of pictures, but here are a few of her with her dessert of choice!  A strawberry trifle!

We love you Lu...glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Last week Adele turned ten.  TEN.  As in double digits.  As in a decade.  Wow.

Anywho, so rather than take any pictures on her special day, I'm posting some (unedited) pictures that SHE took on the camera she got for her birthday from grandma and grandpa.  Enjoy!

one of her presents...we love Legos!
Kit's new Easter dress and goodies...thanks Nana!
painting ceramics with a couple of friends
birthday dinner at a yummy pizza place
requested desert? coconut cream pie! (photo bombing brought to you by Huckleberry)
Matty loving on some of the birthday balloons
her pup, who posed so sweetly for her

Sure am thankful to have this amazing little lady growing up in our house.  It has been an amazing 10 years and I can only imagine how blessed we will feel after another decade of getting to know this girl who made us a mom and dad.

We love you, Adele.