Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer to do's.

We are a family that loves a good list and we always start the summer off with a want and need list to make sure we have a little direction for the months off.  I figured this year I would share our lists with you.


  1. go to a Royals' game as a family
  2. make water slides out back
  3. have a campout with Nate
  4. Dad take out girls, Mom boys
  5. go to the Arboretum
  6. make popsicles
  7. find out who Lydia is


  1. take a whole day to self
  2. do sewing projects
  3. work on garden
  4. have a fancy family picnic
  5. take a family day in Lawrence
  6. go to the farmers market


  1. do some knitting
  2. go blueberry picking
  3. practice softball with Lucy
  4. do middle school church stuff
  5. have a family foosball tournament
  6. go to Legoland


  1. go on some runs
  2. go to the movies
  3. have a sleepover with a friend
  4. help make a pie
  5. make up a cookie recipe
  6. sleep on the trampoline
  7. play in the sprinklers


  1. go swimming with a friend
  2. ride her bike
  3. have a girls' night/boys' night
  4. go see camp
  5. make a fort in the basement
  6. practice softball
  7. get her ears repierced


  1. work on 2nd grade math
  2. go to Schlitterbahn
  3. have a playdate
  4. sleepover at Gigi's house
  5. go fishing

  1. potty train!


  1. house project list (yeah, there's another list)
  2. update adoption papers
  3. get Adele's bike fixed
  4. have Lucy and Nate read
  5. renew Mom's passport
  6. finish Harry Potter books
  7. school supply shopping
  8. take Adele, Elise, and Nate to the eye doctor
  9. sign up for the CSA

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


And just like that, it is summer.  I can't believe it.  The kids are done with school, my times alone with Matthias are over, and we have jumped into our summer break.

Strawberries have been picked.  (Almost 50 pounds worth!)

Jam and pie made.

And this girl became a middle schooler.  

Finishing the year off as one of the winners of the school's character award, voted on by her classmates.  We are beyond proud of her and a little bit in shock that she is done with elementary school.  But I've got to say my girl is ready for this new adventure.  Here's praying we are too!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Oh dear.

Well, April came and went, didn't it?  Time is just absolutely flying right now and I have been horrible about keeping up on my blog.  There are a few reasons for this…

It's just a busy time of year.
I've had a million house projects going that have been taking up my time.
I've been pretty depressed with our adoption at a stand still.

So, blogging hasn't exactly ranked high on my list of "get to"s.

But to play a quick bit of catch up, here are a few pictures that make up our April…

Elise is now 10.  Two kids in double digits.  I just can't believe it.  Before we know it…nope, can't even go there.

Easter happened.

Don't we clean up nice?

Well, most of the time.

I spent a ton of time with this guy…

I sewed some skirts for the girls from the fabric we picked out in Rwanda.

Softball season really kicked in.

And I did what I needed to to survive this time of year…

So, April was really good and really fast and now it's May and the kids have less than three weeks left in school!  CRAZY.