Friday, January 1, 2016

See ya' 2015!

Well, so that ended. Here are a few highlights from the last two months of 2015…

We made a once in every 30 years trip into the city to celebrate with 800,000 of our closest friends the Royal's amazing World Series victory.  It was crazy and totally worth it.

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by offering to take my brothers, me and our spouses to their favorite place in Mexico. Not everyone went, but I sure am glad that Anthony and I did because it was truly such a lovely trip.  How cute are my parents?!

photo credit to my sister-in-law Meg
Nathan had a birthday and is now 8! Can you believe that?! What a guy this one is. Oh how he keeps us on our toes and our parenting skills sharpened. But boy do we love him.

And then it was a lovely Christmas season, which is truly my favorite time of year.

So here's to another year.  Oh how I wonder what it will bring...