Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Little Bits of Life.

These days we are pretty much on pins and needles waiting for more information on our newest little lady, but while we are obsessively checking our email, I figured I'd give a quick photo rundown of what has been going on the last two months.

We fulfilled a couple of Christmas presents that the older 4 received, both of which were a total blast…

watching the Harlem Globetrotters
first go at skiing…60 degrees on a hill in Kansas…oh well
We, okay, just Lucy and Matthias, had a few sick days…

puke buckets at the ready
baths in swimsuits are the best when you have a buddy
And we just enjoyed being together…

Where's Waldo? All day. Every day.
Catching the local high school musical…same one I was in in high school!
"I'm Hermoine and he is Neville."
And...I checked my email about four times while writing this.  Still nothing.  Oh life.