Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Oh how I love my girls.  They are each so different and so absolutely THEM and getting to watch who they are becoming is definitely one of my greatest joys in life.

Each of them has had a birthday in the last month or so, so I wanted to make sure to give an update on all of that.  But it has continued to be hard for me to sit down and talk about "my girls" when there is a little girl on the other side of the world that I still know almost nothing about and can't really claim as one of my own yet even though I desperately want to.  So it's hard.  But while I struggle on my blog to find a way to celebrate the three that are here, it hasn't been hard in life and we have had a blast celebrating each of these girls over the last month.


This girl is 12.  As in, her last year before I have a teenager.  Holy crap.

band concert on her birthday…and one of her "fans"
I've seen a real change in her this year.  I still have very tiny girls and I don't think any of them will ever be taller than me, but she is definitely growing up on me and a few of her friends are looking me right in the eye.  It is weird for sure.

celebrating her birthday with a couple of her buddies
This has also been a big year for Adele as she is nearly done with her first year of middle school and we have watched her sail through it with a lot of grace.  She's done amazing academically, she does a great job steering clear of the drama, and we have only dealt with a few "you have no idea how hard my life is!" moments, most of which I successfully dealt with without bursting into a giggle fit.  Mother of the Year over here, people.

waiting for the bus with an extra little early riser

The other day, Elise and I experienced a bit of a, let's call it a "moment", that left her a bit unhappy and me a bit frustrated.  Lucy asked me what had happened and I responded, "11.  11 happened."  We have our moments for sure, but this kid is another one that I am just loving being the mother of.

I just realized the girl on the book is also wearing a tie-dye shirt. Ha!
She is super excited to be going to middle school next year.  You can always find her with her nose in a book.  She loves all things science (no joke) and she is perfectly straddling being a little girl and being a preteen, moving seamlessly between the two.  It's just such an amazing time of life to watch.

They were so excited to dress as twins unintentionally.
Such a daddy's girl.

Oh Lu. My teeny tiny Lu. This little peanut that still doesn't make it above the 10th percentile on the growth charts. Truly the definition of the kind of kid that you want to pick up and carry around in your pocket all day.

These two…oh my heart.
But even with her being forever teeny, she is growing up and is just the most content kid you will ever meet.  She rarely complains, will play with anyone, and even though she still refuses to learn how to ride a bike, she surprises us with her quiet willingness to just take on whatever life dishes up.

Even her smiles tend to have a quietness about them.
bowling with buddies
Being the mother of girls can feel intimidating, especially as they near their teenage years.  But I have these 3 to navigate this with, so I think we are going to be just fine.